Entel P1 Private Server - Offline POC Radio System (WiFi, LTE)

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P1 Private Server

  • Entel’s ultra-low cost
  • Push to Talk over Cellular (and WiFi)
  • Private server option.
  • Secure using AES256-bit encryption as standard.
  • Flexible P1 can be installed on your own server hardware or in the cloud
  • Superior audio quality P1 delivers far superior audio quality compared to DMR
  • Comprised of multiple products including DN400 Series radios, Radio Gateways to link legacy radio systems to P1
  • Advanced PC and low-cost standalone dispatchers.
  • Able to be used anywhere there is an internet connection. 
  • Able to deliver a virtually unlimited number of interference free channels.
  • Cost effective, there no site rentals, license or IP link fees to pay (the server does require a single internet connection).
  • Easy to deploy and maintain with over the air programming and updates that can be instantly applied without having to leave your chair. 
  • Very well featured P1 provides all the features you might expect of DMR and more
  • Entel’s P1 server is best suited for use by a single customer, is extremely feature rich and delivers virtually unlimited range and number of channels.

  • P1 is equally at home at the heart of a small, on-site, WiFi only system or a national network with thousands of radios.

  • Entel’s 500 user P1 Server delivers the equivalent of a large Digital trunked network but at the cost of a single DMR repeater and aerial (smaller and larger server options available).

  • Simple solution with no ongoing radio license or aerial site rental fees to pay.

  • Entel installs and preconfigures the software for you, all you need to do is program to your customers specific needs e.g. Group aliases, Emergency settings, GPS on or off etc.

    Compatible with Entel’s:
    •    DN495/P1 radios
    •    PC Dispatcher with GPS map
    •    Gateways - to link to existing radio systems to your P1 radios & Dispatcher etc.
    •    PC Evidence recording software
    •    iOS and Android Smartphones
    •    Grandstream low-cost, all-in-one,   Desktop Dispatcher
Simple plug-and-play solution with no ongoing Ofcom or PoC service fees to payIdeally suited to on-site, wide-area & multi-site systems (an extremely cost effective replacement for DMR / Analogue repeaters & trunked radio systems)Supports all the common features including:Group and Individual callingGPS with History & Call RecordingEmergency buttonLone-WorkerMan-DownVirtually unlimited number of interference-free channelsEach P1 server supports a single end-user & a virtually unlimited number of sitesPerfect for Hiring, WiFi only systems e.g. tunnel / mining applications etc.With P1 Gateway, extend the range of, or migrate from, existing radio systemsThe P1 server can be hosted on a PC at the customer’s premises or in the clo
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